Opening (First Practice / Game of the Day):


1.    Make sure doors are unlocked.

2.    Paper towels, toilet paper, and hand soap are all available.

3.    Bathroom is clean enough for you to use.

4.    If there is not a practice after yours then lock all the doors when practice is over.

Field Maintenance:

1.    Field is dragged (if needed) if not too wet. (If wet then rake out wet spots).

2.    Field is lined properly (only on game days—do not line the fields for practices / scrimmages).

3.    Trash cans in dugouts aren’t overflowing.

4.    Bases are in the correct spot according to age group.

5.    Plugs are put into bases not being used.

6.    Scoreboard is set up and working properly.

Closing (Last Practice / Game of the Day):


1.    Make sure toilets are flushed; towels, soap, and toilet paper are available.

2.    Turn lights off and lock the doors.

Field Maintenance:

1.    Rake around pitcher’s mound, home plate, and all bases.

2.    Put dugout trash into the trash cans next to the road or into the dumpsters.

3.    Put scoreboard away and any equipment used (i.e. rakes, bases, pitching machine) into storage room and lock door.

4.    Make sure concession stand door is locked.

5.    Turn off all lights (if applicable).


NOTE: The coaches of both teams (home & away) are responsible for opening and closing the fields during game days.

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