Guidelines for Field Use

East Chatham Little League is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the fields that we use.  Please do your part in keeping our fields, equipment and facilities in good shape.  You can help in the following ways:

Never use the infield when it is too wet.  If it is wet enough to leave footprints, it is too wet for play.  Using the field during these times causes damage to the field that is costly and time consuming to repair.

Do not drag the field if it is damp.  Use hand rakes only.

Never drag the field with your vehicle or drive your vehicle onto the field.  We have tractors at the fields that should be used for dragging the fields.  The head coaches (and some assistants) have keys to access the tractors.

Pick up after yourself and your kids.  It is important that we keep the school property clean.

Watch your children, including siblings/spectators, during games and practices.

Do not allow your children to play in the small, fenced-in playground near PIT field.  This playground is designated for use by special needs children only.

Please do not bring dogs/pets on the fields at any time.

Always park in the designated parking areas.  Avoid parking along Pittsboro Road, in the pick-up circle at PES or inside the back gate at PES.  We are NOT authorized to park in these areas.




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