2019 Board Members

The East Chatham Baseball Little League Board of Directors is committed to providing an opportunity for our children to play and learn the game of baseball.  Our goal is to establish strong partnerships with Chatham County Schools, the Chatham County Parks and Recreation Department, and our Community Businesses to bring all levels of baseball to our community.

East Chatham Baseball Little League is an all volunteer board, and we are in constant need of parent involvement to help run and organize the league. Please contact any of the board members below if you would like to get involved with our organization.

ECB LL Email:  [email protected]   

Executive Board Members:

President:  Cliff Stickney - cliffstickney22@gmail.com

Vice President:  Pat Gilchrist - [email protected] (Competition Committee Co-Chair)

Treasurer: Jesse Yeager - [email protected] (Finance Committee Chair)

Safety Officer:  Jim Young - [email protected]  (Competition Committee Co-Chair)

Secretary:  Kristina Seawell - [email protected] (Fundraising/Communication Committee)

Board Members:

James Ellis - [email protected]

Daniel Huneycutt - [email protected] (Player Agent and Budget Officer)

Taylor Kennedy - [email protected] (Teeball Director)

Charlie Lutterloh - [email protected] (Concession Committee Chair)

Jimmy Simpson - [email protected] (Capitol Committee Chair)

Jeff Piskorik - [email protected] 
(Facility Committee Chair)

Chris Gamber - [email protected] (Communication Committee Co-Chair)

Local Sponsors