Every year, East Chatham Little League attempts to send as many All-Star teams as possible to the NC District 2 tournament.  There is also a possibility of sending an "A" and "B" team for age divisions if that's what the board determines is best for that particular season.  An example of this would be to send 2 teams to the 10U tournament, both potentially made up of 9 and 10 year olds. 

The All-Star selection process for 10U and below consists of each head coach nominating 3-5 players depending on the size of the rosters and number of teams in the division.  All the nominations will then be sent to every head coach in that division in which they will submit their top 10 overall players.  The 10 players with the most top 10 votes will automatically make the team.  The All-Star coach will then select 2-4 more players to round out the team.  The only criteria for coaches selections is that the players must have received an initial nomination during the first step of the process.  Little League All-Star tournaments are "age pure" so even if a player plays up a division in the regular season, they are still eligible for their age appropriate All-Star team.  The ECLL Board will determine if any of these players merit a nomination.

For 11U and older, the selection process is a combination of peer voting, coach voting and season statistics that will be determined by the board on a yearly basis.

While ability on the field is very important, many other factors should be considered in nominations and selections.  These include: sportsmanship towards coaches, umpires and players, coachability, effort, attitude and availability.  All players represent East Chatham Little League and must be a reflection of our core values and standards.  


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