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Feb, 2020

Spring Season Evaluations Sunday 2/16/20

All players, except for Tee-Ball Division players, must attend player evaluations prior to the start of the spring season.  Tee-ball Division players will be placed on teams by ECB based on the school players attend and an equal distribution of age groups.  This is the only division that ECB will consider player, teams, and coach requests.

All registered players will be included in the draft regardless of whether they attend evaluations.  If players are unable to attend the player evaluations and are not able to be assigned an evaluation score by coaches and/or board members, they will be placed onto a team through a blind draw.

*Any parent wanting their child to play above or below their age limit must be approved by the ECB Board (must be emailed to the league’s email address: [email protected]).  If approved by the ECB Board, the player must attend and participate in their age division evaluations as well as the age division evaluations in which they want to be considered.  At the completion of the evaluations, the Board will make a decision and contact the parents.

On evaluation day, please arrive thirty (30) minutes before your player’s evaluation time to allow for check in and warm-up time for your player. 
·         1:00 – 2:00   League age 7
·         2:00 – 3:00   League age 8
·         3:00 – 4:00   League age 9
           o   4:00 – 4:30 Pitchers/Catchers 9/10
·         4:30 – 5:30       League age 10
·         5:30 – 6:30      League age 11
           o   6:30 – 7:00 Pitchers/Catchers 11/12
·         7:00 – 8:00      League age 12 & 13 

At the evaluations, each player will be evaluated on three (3) skills
(1) Hitting (players will get five (5) pitches)
(2) Fielding a ball at shortstop and (3) throwing to first base (three (3) ground balls)

(If your player is a pitcher/catcher they will be evaluated on those skills as well, as noted in the schedule above)

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